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Home Repair and Fix Service

Do you need help with your home problem?
We accept the maintenance of many parts of your home, such as floors, walls, outer walls, sink area, and fittings.
By performing regular maintenance, may extend the life of your home and make it comfortable and clean condition.
Please call and ask any questions, we are certain to help you.

When you have a home problem, we can help you with:





Cracked tile

Drywall holes







Renovation Menu

Exterior Renovation

We carry out a variety of exterior renovation, such as a garden, parking space installation and the entrance, etc. Our exterior work has been highly evaluated by many customers for the great work with the overall design and details. It’s recommended for who want to change the home design.

Indoor Renovation

We are committed to accepting remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, wash basins, toilets, etc. Once finishing the renovation of your room, you are definitely satisfied with our work and feel relaxed. Please feel free to contact us if you want to replace the latest equipment!

Additions & Extensions

Are you thinking of doing a home extension? We can provide you to up-size your home by creating more space and rooms. Therefore, we can optimize and improve the use of available space and make it longer. Our renovation specialists will ensure you that the addition is practical and attractive of the best quality.

Building renovation work


Building renovation work is the process of improving the structure and interior of an existing building. Building renovation work improves the earthquake resistance and insulation of a building, and also renews the interior of the building to be used. Building renovation work is performed at the request of the building owner or management company, and involves the construction necessary to improve the building's structure and interior. We can also provide original design and customization according to the requests of the building owner or management company. Building renovation work contributes to extending the life of the building and improving the usability of the building for its users, and B-LINE is committed to careful construction with the aim of enhancing the satisfaction of the building owner and users.

Follow-through service

After the construction, we are committed to performing the follow-up service, so that we provide our customers that spend their own time at home with peace of mind. We will take responsibility to support the construction from before to after. In the unlikely event there is a defect after the construction, we will perform the service during the warranty period.

We will support you to take the house and automobile insurance

We will provide advice of the procedures for your insurance, such as fire and car. We may take care of the various procedures that require many works you have to do on your behalf. So please feel free to contact us, if you have any concerns about the insurance.