Service Flow


Contact us

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Please feel free to contact us by phone or from the inquiry form on this site.
Our staff will carefully conduct an interview with you and get your requests.
when you want to improve your home comfort, we can help you with solving problem!


Check your home

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First we will visit your home, then investigate your home according to your requests.
Please be assured that we will relieve the anxiety about your home problem, so that we make things will go smoothly.
Just let us know if you have any other concerns.




We will make an estimate based on the results of the investigation of your home.
Our staff will propose the most suitable plan according to your request and budget.
Don’t worry, we will deliver on time and to your budget!




Should you are satisfied with our estimation, we will wish to make a contract with you.
We will plan the construction schedules in detail.


Construction (Repair, Fix, Renovation)

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We are going to place an order for the materials and start construction.
In the case of large construction, we will also greet the neighborhood.
After that, our staff will quickly perform home maintenance, fix and repair solutions along the schedule.




Once the construction is completed, we will carefully check no problems are there.
We will ask you to confirm, and if there is no problem, it’s all done.
If you have any problems after the construction, please let us know, so we will check it again!